Material for Hugo

Beautiful documentation

Material is a theme for Hugo, a fast and flexible static site generator. It is built using Google’s material design guidelines, fully responsive, optimized for touch and pointer devices as well as all sorts of screen sizes.

Material Screenshot

Material is very lightweight – it is built from scratch using Javascript and CSS that weighs less than 30kb (minified, gzipped and excluding Google Fonts and Analytics). Yet, it is highly customizable and degrades gracefully in older browsers.

Quick start

Install with git:

git clone themes/hugo-material-docs


  • Beautiful, readable and very user-friendly design based on Google’s material design guidelines, packed in a full responsive template with a well-defined and easily customizable color palette, great typography, as well as a beautiful search interface and footer.

  • Well-tested and optimized Javascript and CSS including a cross-browser fixed/sticky header, a drawer that even works without Javascript using the checkbox hack with fallbacks, responsive tables that scroll when the screen is too small and well-defined print styles.

  • Extra configuration options like a project logo, links to the authors GitHub and Twitter accounts and display of the amount of stars the project has on GitHub.

  • Web application capability on iOS – when the page is saved to the homescreen, it behaves and looks like a native application.

See the getting started guide for instructions how to get it up and running.


Last but not least a big thank you to Martin Donath. He created the original Material theme for Hugo’s companion MkDocs. This port wouldn’t be possible without him.

Furthermore, thanks to Steve Francia for creating Hugo and the awesome community around the project.